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Cuisine Summum, we are a kitchen manufacturer that brings to market the new
design trends since 1983. We work with the best materials to ensure, at all times, the
satisfaction of our customers. We create brand new kitchens, and we also offer
refacing based on your specific needs. We discuss your project according to your
choices and style, from contemporary, modern, classic, modern farmhouse, or
country. As a new customer we work with you on your projects, with passion and
innovation, or as a current customer to refresh and follow new trends.

The kitchen is the heart of your home; we often get together in that space, with
family and friends, to cherish precious moments.

Ask us about our promotional offers:

Get $500.00 from Richelieu hardware/equipment on a kitchen purchase of a $10,000 plus taxes, or $250.00 on a kitchen purchase of $5,000.00 plus taxes

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